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About Oils and Recipes

Yak Jow
(Also known as Yok Chieu or Dit Dot Jow or White Rabbit)

The use of herbs to promote good health has been practiced in China for thousands of years. The basic premise of this school of medicine is that the body heals itself. However, a weak or injured body may not be able to do so. Herbs stimulate the body functions, thereby aiding the body in healing itself.

The Chinese strongly believe in using Yok Chieu herbal liniment to treat injuries which impair local blood circulation, such as sprains, bruises, swelling, and bruised and fractured bones. Although the passage of time alone will help to improve these injuries to a certain degree, damaged tissues and other residual effects will remain and cause trouble at a later time. Immediate herbal treatment will stimulate the movement of blood and hasten the repair of damaged tissue and bone.

Yok Chieu is the common name for a Chinese herbal liniment. Various types are made depending upon the exact combination of herbs used. White Rabbit Products imports the highest quality natural herbs from China to make this product.

The herbs are combined to guide and balance each other in accordance with traditional prescription practices. The essence of the herbs is extracted and held in an alcohol base. All the herbs used are edible, but because of the rubbing alcohol base the liniment is for external use only.

To apply: Pour 1 to 2 tsp. into a small dish and thoroughly massage into the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply twice daily or more frequently if possible.

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