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Bokek Sea Salts

BOKEKIsraeli Dead Sea Salt is a dry, natural white crystal harvested from the Southern Dead Sea where the concentration of minerals is the highest. The waters of the Dead Sea are unique, having a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean water, reaching 33% versus 3%. But that’s not all! The composition of the brines is also unique, comprised of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, in addition to a high concentration of bromides.

The extraordinary chemical composition has made the Dead Sea an ideal spot for people seeking relief from skin and rheumatic disorders and an equally popular choice for vacationers seeking relaxation. In fact, these soothing miracle-working waters have a reputation that dates back over 2000 years.

Skin is amazingly complex and, by weight, the largest organ of the body. It covers some 22 square feet and weighs around nine pounds (roughly 7% of body weight). Its integumentary system provides the front line of defense for the body, as well as being expressive of physiological conditions and emotional states. Skin is the extension of our nervous system to the outside of the body. It is involved in processes of exchange between the internal and external environments respiration, absorption and elimination. It’s no wonder that the uses of bath salts, with their unique balance of minerals, are so beneficial to our health and state of mind.

Some physicians now recommend Dead Sea Salt to relieve the symptoms of dry skin disorders (such as Psoriasis and Eczema) high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis even joint and muscle pain. Mixed with true lavender essential oil it is also a great sleep inducer, salt is vital for sleep regulation because it is a natural hypnotic.

Bringing the Dead Sea’s properties right into the bathtub for relaxation and relief, the widely reputed soothing effects of the Dead Sea can now be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. Now every bathtub, hot tub, Jacuzzi and whirlpool can be a private spa, with the widely reputed therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, whenever anyone anywhere wants relief or relaxation.

In addition to being a key ingredient at the Spa, BOKEK™ Dead Sea Salts have become popular as a raw material in the cosmetic industry. Products including lotions, soaps, shampoo and facial toners, cleansers and creams incorporate this unique salt. The benefits extend well beyond the bath.

It is agreed by many health professional that BOKEK™ Dead Sea Salts is the most therapeutic of bath salts. With a sodium content of less than 40%, it is gentle on the skin. Natural skin softeners and muscle relaxers make this salt unique. The super buoyancy of these salts makes it ideal for use in float tanks and sensory deprivation tanks.

For a deep therapy bath, use 2-3 lbs. of salt in a regular size bathtub. Soak 20-30minutes. Be sure to drink lots of water as the detoxification process will pull moisture from your body as it eliminates toxins. This should be done once or twice a month. For every day baths, one to two cups of salt is plenty. Mixed with therapeutic oils you can create wonderful synergistic blends

Simply add 15-25 drops of blended essential oils with 16oz. BOKEK™ Dead Sea Salts. Dead Sea Salt is very hydroscopic which means it will absorb moisture from the air. Be sure to store your salts in an air tight container to avoid clumping.

2.50 per lb.
$111.00 (55 lb. bag)
2.50 per lb.
$111.00 (55 lb. bag)
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