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Breton Sea Salts

BRETONOrganic French Grey Sea Salts come from the Guerande region of France and are among the best sea salts in the world. Sea water is channeled into clay lined evaporation ponds as the salt crystals form they develop a beautiful gray color from the clay. The clay also adds to the exceptionally high mineral content of these salts.

The harvesting of these salts is an art. The salt crystals are collected by hand using traditional Celtic methods. For 1500 years, salt farmers have harvested the Noirmoutier Sea Salt. Harvesting the salt is a totally natural cottage industry where the only ingredients are the sea, the sun and man. BRETON™ sea salt from the Isle of Noirmoutier under goes no treatment after harvesting. Neither washed, nor refined, it keeps its essential nutrients vital to the human body. Salt farmers follow strict harvesting rules as prescribed in the NEP specifications (Nature en Progress). This makes it worthy of having the NEP seal of approval. The NEP certification also ensures the purity and cleanliness of the salt.

Far from being mere sodium chloride, BRETON™ sea salt concentrates countless benefits taken from the sea. As the seawater slowly moves from ocean to salt pan, exposed to wind and sun, its salt content keeps rising and the salt crystals are enriched with health-enhancing minerals. The lower sodium content allow for more bioavailable magnesium (in chloride form) calcium, and potassium, as well as trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, manganese, and even minute amounts of iodine and fluoride. Being totally natural BRETON™ sea salt retains all of these qualities.

Detailed chemical analysis demonstrates that BRETON™ Sea Salt contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. In order to retain the highest levels of minerals and nutrients, Breton Sea Salts are never heated or processed. The salt is collected by hand, dried by the solar evaporation and stone ground. The labor intensive process is the reason that the ground salts are a bit more high priced than the coarse.

The region of France where these salts are produced boasts some of the most famous Thallastherapy Clinics and Spas of the world. These therapeutic gray salts have become a prominent ingredient in the top bath and body products for both the consumer and professional markets.

Fine and Coarse are very popular for prepackaged bath salt products as the natural grey color looks great in a jar. Simply scented with lavender essential oil and mixed with dried lavender buds, you can create a beautiful and very therapeutic bath salt. This is also a great salt to use in therapeutic jacuzzi treatment for spas or in your own home.

BRETON™ is a moist soft crystal that mixes well with essential oils, fragrance oils and dried herbs. Avoid mixing the coarse grains with dry powdered ingredients, as the moisture will make the mixture clump. Coloring is possible but not common as the salts are known for their natural gray coloring.

5.20 per lb.
$229 (55 lb. bag)
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